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Estonian iPad, iPod, Android apps in Canada-US
Rakendused Eesti Keeles (iPad, iPod) - main portal
Eestimaa piltkaardid (iPad, iPod) - maps of Estonia with 
Kes käis? (iPad, iPod) - discover animals by their footprints
Eesti kahepaiksed (iPad, iPod) - discover amphibians
TEA books apps (iPad, iPod) - kids' books on apps!
uTalk Estonian (iPad, iPod) - excellent for beginners, with sounds!

Estonian apps iPad, iPod, Android- Europe
Linnast linna (iPad) - could not get this to work in Canada
Koolieeliku ranits (iPad) - Estonia - very good reviews, not in Canada
Diktofon (Android) - speech to text in Estonian  -try this!

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Arvutimaailm...Tech news in Estonia
How-to Geek..Quick tips and more
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Wifi and devices in Estonia
See for a listing of cafes, hotels, libraries and restaurants.
Questions about wireless devices? Post them on the Wifi Forum, get answers in Estonian and English.